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Chris Zayid is the Owner of Affinity Senior Care, established in 2012. Chris began his journey in 2006 working with his family at Affinity Home Care Agency, established in 2006. His home care team serves 1000's of families in Southeast, Michigan to receive quality care in their home.  Chris was Inspired to be in home care industry at the age of 9 years old. Watching his father, who is a Podiatrist, offered home care services for his patients.. This impacted Chris's life in a positive way to help others in their home environment. Chris seen a lot of challenges the aging population face in their home. He traveled to Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, & Foster Homes.  Chris's life mission is to help as an many home care owners grow their home care business across The World. He wants to see you wake up everyday happy about helping others & be a leader in your community. Empire will allow you to be valuable in the market place. Chris is committed  to share with you what he learned the last 10 years marketing, recruiting, scheduling, culture, mindset, measuring and scaling a home care business. 


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